Cherry Cosmo

On a recent trip to Door County in Wisconsin, we stopped by a cherry place so Rich’s mom could pick up some treats for friends back home – y’know, chocolate covered cherries, dried cherries, cherry juice. While poking around, we came across a pamphlet listing a bunch o’ ways cherry juice could be used in cocktails, and we were sold. The only thing was, the pamphlet only listed ingredients, giving no insight into exactly how much of each should go into the cocktail, so, I went in search on da Google, and found several decent options.

I served these to friends who came over for Sunday dinner, and all were pretty happy with the results.

•4 oz vodka
•1 oz Cointreau
•12 oz cherry juice (check in the juice aisle)
•1 oz lime juice
•Cherry soda (or ginger ale)
•Orange slices

 Note: this’ll make four or five cosmos.

Add the vodka, Cointreau, cherry, and lime juice to a cocktail shaker over ice, then cover and shake well to blend.

Add a splash of cherry soda (or ginger ale) to a chilled martini glass, then pour the cosmo mixture in to fill.

Garnish with an orange slice.

Tasty, but, made with the cherry soda, mebbe a touch too sweet (for me, anyway); so next time, ginger ale.



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