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Parfait! Dirty Martini Cheese Spread

You need this recipe to help you get through the holidaze. Cream cheese, olives, a dab o’ mayonnaise, a few other tasty bits, and then… Vodka! What part of martini did you not get? Though, I guess you might could … Continue reading

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Vodka Pie Crust

So, yeh, I came across this recipe, and I was intrigued. Vodka? In a pie crust? Turns out, it works a treat! Tasty, and oh! so flaky! You are gonna want to make you this pie crust! Note: this recipe … Continue reading

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Cherry Cosmo

On a recent trip to Door County in Wisconsin, we stopped by a cherry place so Rich’s mom could pick up some treats for friends back home – y’know, chocolate covered cherries, dried cherries, cherry juice. While poking around, we … Continue reading

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Peach Cosmopolitan

“What’s this?” you ask. “A Cosmo?” Surely not, why, where’s the martini glass and lime wedge? Thing is, this is a Cosmo, a Peach Cosmo, and it’s kinda meant to be served over ice with a macerated strawberry and mebbe … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary Burgers

Around about these parts, folk take their Bloody Mary’s very seriously; order one and each bar will serve it with their own special twist, like sliders on sticks, sausage, shrimp, celery, and da google only knows what else sticking out … Continue reading

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Orange J Cocktail

Tasting a lot like a Creamsicle, but not for the kidees, this refreshing, semi-frozen cocktail is wicked simple to toss together. If you happen to have one of those extra large super-duper blenders that makes soup and soft serve and … Continue reading

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Parfait! Dirty Martini Cheese Spread

I cannot believe I don’t make this more often; it is dead simple to toss together, wicked tasty, and even folk who don’t care for olives seem to like it. Winning, right? We were having folk over for dinner, and … Continue reading

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Someone pointed out to me this past weekend that “there are only 14 more Saturdays until Christmas” – how’s that for throwing a scare into you? In truth, 14 Saturdays (or, ten, if you’re counting down to Turkey Day) is … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Vodka Sauce

Sometimes, you just want a nice bowl of pasta with a zippy sauce, but mebbe could do without adding meat (we are just over the holidays, and all that excess, after all). This sauce, being a vodka sauce, is not … Continue reading

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Parfait! Limoncello

So, you missed your chance at making this lovely lemony liqueur for Thanksgiving, but… FRET YE NOT! If you start this weekend, you’ll have a nice batch o’ the good stuff in plenty of time for holiday snozzling and gift … Continue reading

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