Parfait! Sherry Peppers Sauce

Y’know, I make a batch of this stuff three or four times a year – I literally add it to just about everything savory that I make – so I am kinda surprised that has been two years since I last re-shared my recipe.

And this is MY recipe. I picked up an old book at antique store by the Outerbridge company – a Bermuda concern that makes Sherry Peppers Sauce – and I was intrigued.

So, I did some research on the interwebs, compared and contrasted options and…

this is what I’ve come up with. A slightly sweet, kinda zippy sauce that adds a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to most any dish – from eggs to chicken wings to pasta sauce and soup or stew. It is that good.

•32 oz hot cherry peppers, drained
•1/2 cup juice from the peppers
•2 (11.3 oz) cans tamarind nectar
•2 jalapeños, sliced
•3 cups water
•2 cups white vinegar
•3-3/4 cups sugar
•4 tsp pickling salt
•1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
•2 tbsp Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce, or your fave hot sauce
•1-1/4 cup sherry
•1 (3 oz) pouch liquid pectin or 6 tbsp powdered pectin

Note: add powdered pectin in the beginning, before boiling; add liquid AFTER boiling.

Look for the cherry peppers in the gourmet pickle section of your market (or at most any good Italian deli). The tamarind nectar is usually stocked with Mexican/Hispanic foods.

Stir all the ingredients together (except for the liquid pectin, if you are using it) in a large non-reactive pot and bring to a rolling boil for three minutes.

If using liquid pectin instead of powdered, stir it in now.

Reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes.

Puree with an immersion blender.

Note: the sauce shouldn’t be totally smooth, you want some chunks of peppers and pepper seeds floating in it.

Pour the sauce into prepared canning jars and process for 15 minutes.

I usually get anywhere from 10 to 12 half pint jars, which will last me for three months or so.

I told you I use it a lot.

Now go on, get out there and sherry your peppers!

An important note on the sherry: do not use any of that “cooking” stuff from the supermarket. Buy yourself a decent bottle, many are not that expensive. I should note that that old standby, Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry works a treat here.

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