“Everything” Deviled Egg Dip

At this point, who hasn’t heard of  Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning?

Friends add it to all sorts of things, and my husband likes it sprinkled on hard cooked eggs, so, I got to thinking…

Family and friends are coming for the holidaze kickoff, and dips and other munchies are kinda expected, so why not try Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend in my Deviled Egg Dip, which was pretty popular last year?

•6 hard cooked eggs
•1/2 cup mayonnaise
•1/4 cup chive cream cheese
•1 tbsp Zippy & Sweet Mustard
•1 tsp sherry vinegar
•1 tsp Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce – or your fave hot sauce, to taste
•1/2 tsp dry mustard
•1/2 tsp paprika
•1/2 tsp Aleppo Pepper
•1-1/2 tsp Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

•Chopped fresh chives
•Sliced green olives

Slice the eggs in two and place all of the yolks, along with half of the whites in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade.

Chop the remaining egg whites and transfer to a mixing bowl.

Add the mayonnaise, cream cheese, mustard, sherry vinegar, and seasonings to the food processor, then pulse until blended and smooth.

Add the yolk mixture to the bowl with the chopped egg whites and stir to combine.

Transfer to a covered container and stash in the fridge until needed.

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