One. One. One.

Consider this “cathedral” bundt pan.

That is gonna be an absolute bear to get the baked cake out in any semblance of order.



The secret is this amazingly simple cake pan coating that you mash together with a fork and then brush all over the interior of the pan. Works a treat!

Oh, and the One. One. One?

That is all you need to remember when it comes to tossing this together!

•1 tbsp cooking oil
•1 tbsp flour
•1 tbsp solid shortening

Combine the ingredients together in a small bowl until blended, then brush over the pan.

Note: you will have enough to nicely prep one bundt pan.

I cannot recall where, exactly, I first came across this bit of magic, but, trust me, it works as well as storing your cling film in the freezer to make unrolling it easier.


You’ve seen the pan.

You’ve seen the coating.

How about the cake?


One lemon blueberry poppy seed cake with added cream cheese. After cooling on a rack, it popped right out in one piece and, notice anything else?

Unlike with just oiling and flouring a pan; there are no unsightly flour splotches.


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