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My Fave Pizza Dough, With a Few New Tricks!

So, I have been making this dough for a while, but it has just been this year that I learned a few things that make my own inexpert handling of the dough a lot easier, and perhaps even a bit … Continue reading

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Sticky Toffee Date Cake

We had some friends and family over for dinner, and I thought about this cake, which, amazingly, I have not made in like 12 years (!) Full disclosure: although the cake we enjoyed on Saturday was delicious, I did make … Continue reading

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Sausage Gravy

Every now and then, we have breakfast for dinner, and I thought that sausage gravy would be just the thing. Except… in place of the more usual biscuits, I went with a nice batch of buttermilk waffles. My husband, who … Continue reading

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Oven Barbecue Chicken Thighs

I have cook books. I mean, a lot of cook books. But, more and more, I’ve been finding cool recipes and inspiration in my email. Not a day goes by that I don’t get a “20 great ways to twaddle … Continue reading

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Roasted Potato Chips and Tomatoes

One thing that continues to surprise me is the prep methods included in our weekly food kit. Y’know – those places you review a menu on line, make your selections, and they deliver most everything you need to make the … Continue reading

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One. One. One.

Consider this “cathedral” bundt pan. That is gonna be an absolute bear to get the baked cake out in any semblance of order. Right? Nope! The secret is this amazingly simple cake pan coating that you mash together with a … Continue reading

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Apple and Cheddar Waffles

It was breakfast for dinner with apple and Cheddar waffles and blueberry sausages with Dijon mustard and maple syrup spread! And… It was all delicious! The waffles were a new (to me recipe) that I adapted from the nice folk … Continue reading

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Maple Syrup French Bread – a Hybrid Recipe

One of our nephews was coming for a short visit, and they are vegan, so I went in search of something appropriate for dinner. I found a recipe for Czech garlic soup that had been adapted to be vegan and, … Continue reading

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Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Score another win for Nigella Lawson! This cheesecake is so very good, and so very easy to – literally – toss in the mixer, and then a springform pan and and bake; I can totally see why she has said … Continue reading

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Check Out This Cheeez Sauce!

So, YEH. Full disclosure: this cheese sauce is made with Velveeta. And I am not really even all that put out about it; because it tastes that good. Now… if you really cannot handle the thought of Velveeta Cheese Sauce, … Continue reading

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