Roasted Potato Chips and Tomatoes

One thing that continues to surprise me is the prep methods included in our weekly food kit. Y’know – those places you review a menu on line, make your selections, and they deliver most everything you need to make the dinner in one, convenient box.

I thought I pretty much had potatoes and tomatoes down, but this prep, which offers a tasty side and a topping for burgers had me wondering I had never thought to try this before! Potato chips in the oven are so much easier than frying them for a crowd, and…

roasted tomato slices on a burger?


•2 potatoes
•2 plum tomatoes
•2 tsp Seasoned Salt, divided
•2 tsp black pepper, divided
•1 tbsp flour
•2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil, divided*

*If using plain plain olive oil, just add 1/2 tsp garlic powder to your salt and pepper.

This recipe will make enough roasted potatoes and tomatoes for two folx, mebbe three in a pinch.

Heat oven to 425º and line a baking sheet with foil.

Note: I use a rack fitted into my baking sheet, and apply cooking spray.

Wash the potatoes and tomatoes and set aside.

Cut the potatoes in half lengthwise, then slice into 1/4 inch half moons.

Toss the potatoes in a medium bowl with the one tablespoon of flour, and one teaspoon each of the Seasoned Salt and black pepper.

Add one tablespoon of the olive oil and toss again until pretty evenly seasoned and coated.

Arrange in a single layer on your prepared baking sheet and pop into the oven for 15 minutes.

While the potatoes are roasting, slice the tomatoes into 1/2 inch rounds and toss in the bowl used for the potatoes with the remaining Seasoned Salt, black pepper, and olive oil.

Remove the baking pan for the oven and turn the potatoes over while also nudging them, still in a single layer, to make room for the tomato slices.

Mebbe spritz the turned over potatoes with a bit of cooking spray.

Arrange the tomatoes in a single layer on the cleared side of the baking pan, return to the oven, and bake until the tomatoes are tender and the potatoes golden and just a bit crispity, about 15 minutes more.

Remove from the oven and serve.

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