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A Better Burger

I actually have this filed as ‘Best! Burgers’ – and the recipe is based on Craig Claiborne’s ‘Ultimate Burger’ recipe – but calling something ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Best’ tends to set off some folk, so… Surely ‘Better’ is a nice name, … Continue reading

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Another Look at Seasoned Salt

We spent a lovely Book Club afternoon on Sunday at a friend’s new house, and I brought, as requested, Soul Rolls, which are a hoooge favorite. Mira, asked me how to make them, and I was telling her, explaining the … Continue reading

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Smashed Potatoes With Cream Cheese

I’d added half of my sautéed onion & ‘shrooms to the pot for Chicken Pierre, had asparagus prepped to go in the steamer, and just needed something wonderful to spoon that sauce over along with the chicken. Smashed potatoes! But … Continue reading

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Parfait! Seasoned Salt

Now, I realize that “seasoned salt” is not a thing that folk give a lot of thought to, but they really, really should. First; pick up that seasoned salt in the spice aisle at the market and look at the … Continue reading

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Soul Rolls

Pity the poor, lonely loaf of wheat bread with honey and cumin… That was supposed to be this morning’s post. Until, I made these little lovelies. Ground turkey, shredded cabbage, onion, a bit of seasoning, and cheese; all rolled up … Continue reading

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