Rockefeller Cheese Spread

Chalk up another winning concept from the nice folx who do our weekly food kits!

This tasty spinach and cream cheese spread worked a treat as a burger topping, but you would also be well served to slather this on some crackers or crusty bread as munchie.

I took some liberties with the recipe, substituting spicy whipped cream cheese for the plain light cream cheese provided, and adding some zippy mustard barbecue sauce, tho’ hot sauce would be nice, too.

These amounts made more than enough cheese spread to comfortably slather two decently sized quarter-pound burgers.

•4 oz baby spinach, chopped
•2 tbsp sour cream
•2 tbsp whipped cream cheese
•1 tbsp shredded Parmesan
•1 tbsp golden barbecue sauce*
•Crumbled bacon bits

*Or your fave hot sauce, to taste.

Note: I used one tablespoon each of Buffalo Seasoned and Garlic & Herb whipped cream cheese. If you like, go ahead and substitute Boursin cheese.

Stir the sour cream together with the cream cheese, Parmesan, barbecue or hot sauce, and bacon bits, then stir in the well chopped baby spinach.

If you feel it needs it, you could add a bit of salt and pepper, but I think that the flavored cream cheeses and the barbecue sauce added enough seasoning.

If you want to try it on a burger (it is really nice), cook your burgers in a large skillet and, when they are just about ready,turn off the heat, top with the cheese spread, cover the pan, and let rest for three minutes, until the cheese is slightly melted.

Hmmm… Burgers Rockefeller?

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