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Grilled Asparagus Caesar Salad

Full disclosure: I did not, in fact, grill the asparagus for this salad.  My husband had grilled the night before, and was not feeling the love to fire up the grill for some veggies, so I sautéed this batch in … Continue reading

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Rockefeller Cheese Spread

Chalk up another winning concept from the nice folx who do our weekly food kits! This tasty spinach and cream cheese spread worked a treat as a burger topping, but you would also be well served to slather this on … Continue reading

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Chicken Margherita Flatbread

First things first. Do not go all foodie police on me because – quelle horreur! – I am using some rather nicely dressed arugula instead of the more traditional basil called for in a ‘true’ Margherita. 1) I do not … Continue reading

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Ricotta Meatballs

For the past couple of years, we’ve been using a food kit service. You place your order on line by Friday, and on the following Monday, you get almost everything you need for how ever many kits you’ve chosen that … Continue reading

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Tuscan Butter Shrimp

We spent a quiet Easter at home, just the two of and the pets. So. No ham. No multitude of side dishes. But. The nice folk at Delish did provide us a creamy shrimp recipe that looked really good, not … Continue reading

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Creamy Penne Florentine With Chicken

This week’s posts have been based around “help.” My bread machine dealt with the tedious kneading and first rise for my French Bread; and a jar of Cajun-style Shrimp Stew made for a pretty fantastic dinner with next to no … Continue reading

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Caesar Salad With English Muffin Croutons and Blanched Asparagus

So… there I was… in the produce section, and this happened: Husband: “Hey, can we have a salad with dinner tonight?” After I regained consciousness, I quickly agreed and, since I had some lovely organic Romaine in the fridge at … Continue reading

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MICROWAVE Risotto? Yeah, You betcha!

A friend turned us on to one of those food kit things – y’know, where you get a weekly email with a list of menu options and you chose which you like, or skip it entirely. For this week, one … Continue reading

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Best! Reuben Casserole

By now, most folk will have had their corned beef and cabbage and are kinda over the whole thing. Except… You have leftover corned beef, don’t you? Not to worry – we have you covered with this wicked tasty Reuben … Continue reading

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Rolls, Garlic Butter Spirals

The last two weeks before Thanksgiving means that it is time to plan. Like, this year, mebbe that one person who always brings the rolls cannot come. What to do? Well, you could, certes, buy store made bread or rolls. … Continue reading

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