Yeh, so, it is getting to be sangria season; why not revisit a Mediterranean version, which is simply red wine, Coca Cola, mebbe a splash of brandy, and whatever fruits you feel like tossing in.

Pronounced “caliMOcho,” this flashback from the 1950’s is a snap to make, and wicked refreshing, so skip those premade bottles and make a glass, or a pitcher, right away! Just remember to keep the wine cheap, ermmm… value priced. You don’t really need anything all that pricey.

•Red wine
•Coca Cola (I buy the Mexican Coke)
•Brandy (optional)
•Fruit (your choice, but oranges are great)

The recipe is wicked simple…

Pour the same amount of red wine and Coca Cola over ice in a glass or a pitcher, add a splash of brandy, if you like, and and orange slice, give it a stir, and enjoy.

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