Air Fryer Chicken Skewers

One of our local markets puts together a fine chicken skewer, and when they go on sale, I pick up a couple as a simple dinner.

I also had a couple of open jars of sauce, a garlic teriyaki, and wasibi ginger that I thought would place nicely together as an overnight marinade.

Note: yeh, you can get away with only marinating for a couple of hours, but really, a full overnight soak, with a couple of flips when you think to, is best.

•Chicken breast chunks
•Red pepper slices
•Yellow pepper slices
•Red onion chunks
•Your fave marinade
(though this one was quite nice)

Thread your chicken and veggies on skewers arrange in a flat bottomed dish.

Pour your marinade over to cover.

Note: one bottle was not enough to cover my skewers, so I topped it off with this wasabi ginger sauce.

Cover and stash in the fridge overnight, turning the skewers over when your think about it.

We are now ready to air fry, but…

My online research suggested 380º as the correct temperature, but in my experience with my air fryer, I went with 400º.

Remove the skewers from the marinade and place on parchment paper in your air fryer basket. Dispose of the marinade.

Air fry for ten minutes, then turn the skewers over and air for for another ten minutes, until done.


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