Nice Flanken Ribs

One of my fave things to make in my Multi Pot is Flanken Cut Beef Ribs.

Normally, I would make them Korean or Jamaican barbecue style, but this time I went with a more classic, less spicy, method and we were really pretty happy with this version as well.

Flanken Cut ribs are just beef short ribs that are cut across the bone, so that you have a long, thin strip with four or so short bits of bone, and I think that they are tastier and

less fatty than the more usual short ribs.

•3-4 lbs Flanken cut beef short ribs

•1/2 cup red wine vinegar
•3 tbsp Dijon mustard
•2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
•1 tbsp minced garlic
•2 tsp dried rosemary leaves
•2 tsp onion powder
•1-1/2 tsp dried thyme leaves
•1-1/2 tsp fine grind sea salt or kosher salt
•1 tsp black pepper

•juices and fat from cooking the ribs
•3 tbsp all purpose flour
•1/4 cup water

Combine the marinade ingredients together and pour over the ribs in a gallon sized zipper bag. Seal and turn over a couple of times to coat all of the ribs.

Place in a rimmed dish (for to catch any possible drippage) and stash in the fridge for a few hours or, always more better, overnight, giving the bag a flip or two whenever you think to.

Bring the ribs out of the fridge and let rest for about 30 minutes before you plan to start cooking.

Set your Multi Pot to “brown” and add the ribs, in stages if needs be. Cook for about five minutes per side, just until they are nicely browned.

Add the marinade from the bag and close your Multi Pot.

Select High Pressure for 25 minutes.

Once the cycle has completed, allow the pressure to come down naturally, letting the pot rest for around 15 minutes more.

Whisk the flour into the water until very smooth.

Remove the ribs from the pot.

Whisk the flour and water mixture into the pot liquids and set to Simmer.

Simmer for 10 or 15 more minutes, until the gravy is thickened and reduced a bit.

Return the ribs to the gravy and serve.

Mashed potatoes and French Peas were perfect sides.

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