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Air Fryer Brats

Beer. Butter. Brats. Onion. Garlic. That is all I need for our fave preparation for brats before grilling, or, in this case, popping ’em in the air fryer for 15 or 20 minutes (though, air fryers will vary, so check … Continue reading

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Beer Brats

So, full disclosure (and, just about apostasy, given where I live), but I never really saw the big deal about brats. Until, I discovered the bit about where you simmer the suckers in butter and beer and onions and peppers … Continue reading

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Beer Brats

So, YEH. I have a confession. And it’s a big ‘un (for these parts, anyway). I could really take or leave – and usually would choose to leave – brats. Unless… they’ve been boiled in beer and butter and onion … Continue reading

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Parfait! Grilled Sausages With Beer & Pineapple

Who knew? As I’ve noted before, I was never really a huge fan of the grilled sausage, until I came across this genious! method of pre-cooking them before popping ’em on the grill to get nicely charred. The secret? Beer. … Continue reading

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Brats ‘n Beer

First, let me say that I have not been a lover of the Bratwurst. Folk go all mushy-gushy and claim lifelong love and devotion to some particular sausage or another, and then have specific methods for preparing said preferred tubes … Continue reading

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