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Enchilada Sauce

I came across a new enchilada recipe that looked as thought it might be tasty, and I had all the ingredients at hand, except… no enchilada sauce? Well, thanks to da google, I found a nice looking recipe, that with … Continue reading

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Coney Dog Chili Sauce

Stop right there. I am well aware that this is not the Coney Chili Sauce of your childhood dreams. This is a Coney Chili Sauce, and my take on it to boot; so get over it. There. That unpleasantness out … Continue reading

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Honey and Chili Baked Chicken Legs

This was nice – and simple – and flexible enough that I was able to use up some stuff I’d had sitting around the fridge (WHY did I ever buy that orange-mango juice?). It, ermmm, also went surprisingly well with … Continue reading

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Chili Powder

I know – I’ve mentioned this handy little concoction before in a bunch o’ postings, referred you back to the bottom of that REALLY good shrimp enchilada recipe, and repeated the recipe in several posts – it just seemed to … Continue reading

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Shrimp Enchiladas

Sunday morning was pretty quiet. We slept in a bit after our excursion to Karma on Saturday, then took it easy reading the paper and putting brunch together. I started baking the bacon, and Rich began slicing brioche and putting … Continue reading

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