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Applesauce Cake With Bourbon Raisins

Score another big hit for barefoot contessa and her cookbook, Modern Comfort Food. My husband asked me to make this cake as an option for Thanksgiving dessert, and, yeh, this is gonna be a go-to cake for sure. Moist, rich, … Continue reading

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Ugly – But TASTY! – Pecan Pie

I love pecan pie, but really kinda hate the cloying sweetness I usually find in versions made with corn syrup. I know that there has to be an answer, because I have had awesome pecan pies, so, when the nice … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Bourbon Balls

These tasty treats were (mostly) met with approval earlier this week. The Bulgarian in our midst went a little, teeny bit bonkers over them – proclaiming them to really be a truffle; and a mighty fine one at that. Our … Continue reading

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Butterscotch & Bourbon Pudding

We were having one of the last gatherings of the holidaze season and, well, it was the holidaze, so I wanted a wow-worthy dessert. Pudding! “Pudding?” Yeppers! Home made and with a not so secret ingredient: bourbon. No, this pudding … Continue reading

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Cherry Smash

We were in Canada visiting relatives, and our cousin, Jesse, took us out to lunch at a pretty terrific restaurant right on the shores of Lake Ontario. Since we were on vacation, and were planning a rigorous afternoon of wine … Continue reading

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Best! Bourbon and Brown Sugar Turkey

And so, we again find ourselves on the precipice of Thanksgiving. For many of us in the USA, this is THE day. You do NOT mess around with the food. Great aunt Gertrude may very well make the worst sweet … Continue reading

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Candied Bourbon Bacon

Yeh. I had you at bacon, it know; but candied bourbon bacon? Yummers! And, while this bacon is perfection in a BLT on toasted sourdough bread, don’t discount its attraction as part of a balanced breakfast. Best part? Well, aside … Continue reading

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Bourbon and Coke Meatloaf With Pepper Gravy

So, yeh, take points away for not having anything green on the plate, and mebbe for my using too many veggies and ending up with a kindofa softly textured meatloaf; but points most definitely added for one fine and tasty … Continue reading

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Peppered Bourbon Sirloin Steak

Soap. That was my mom’s great weakness when shopping. She could not pass by a display of soap on sale without picking up a bar (or twelve). Me, I cannot pass by the “manager’s special!” meat packets marked anywhere from … Continue reading

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A String of Pearls…

Southern Living magazine called this recipe from a vintage Junior League of Lousiville cookbook the “little black dress” of marinades, because it goes with just about everything; but I think it much more akin to that classic mid-century iridescent adornment … Continue reading

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