Pita With Feta and Artichokes

01bSeasonedPitaBakedbfLOWhen last we left our freshly baked pita bread on Friday, I was beginning to explain some of the not-so-traditional pita bread uses I put mine to; like brushed with lemon juice and olive oil, then seasoned with sea salt, Tellicherry, and Aleppo pepper, baked in a hot (400º) oven for six or seven minutes, then served in a salad or just spread with feta cheese and munched on. Then, there was my discovery of that really fine feta cheese spread, loaded with garlic, seasonings, and sliced peperoncini. Yum! Then I got to thinking…

04bPitaZaChokesNicebfLOwhat would happen if I take the seasoned pita, top it with a bit of the feta spread, then add some marinated artichoke hearts and bake it all?

You’d get a darned fine appetizer, munchie, or side dish, that’s what!

03bFetaSpreadServebfLOFirst, heat your oven to 375º – I use this temperature because I was also baking some really nice marinated wild-caught salmon filets from Costco; fell free to bypass this step and go for a hotter oven, or even do all broiler.

•4 Pita bread pieces, seasoned or plain
Feta cheese spread (or plain feta)
•Marinated artichoke hearts, chopped
•Kalamata olives
•Chopped romaine salad
•Dry-pack sun dried tomatoes
Celery seed dressing

Arrange the pita in a baking pan and top with some of the feta cheese spread.

Top with the artichoke hearts – and I didn’t think about this until later, but it would’ve been perfect – sliced Kalamata olives.

06bPitaZaSalmonbfLOBake for about ten minutes at 375º, then turn on the broiler and finish them off for another two or three minutes (I did this while the salmon was resting – feel free to do the whole thing QuickLikeaBunny start to finish under the broiler).

Done! Enjoy your pita ‘za! as is, or serve, as I did ours, along side some of that fine Costco salmon, topped with a bit of  romaine tossed with sun-dried tomato and thinly sliced onion, then drizzled with a bit of that celery seed dressing. I know I said I thought the dressing too sweet, and I am cutting down the sugar on the next batch, but have found that this sucker is pretty darned fantastic drizzled over pizza (especially along with hot crushed red pepper) and other non-traditional applications. I highly recommend you make a batch to drizzle on this application, and any others you might think of.

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