Tabouli – From a Mix, But Tasty

A favorite ever since I discovered at a food cooperative at my University, I am just about guaranteed to at least try some Tabouli whenever I am out and about and see it on offer.

Traditionally made with Bulgur wheat, herbs, olive oil, lemon juice, and tomatoes – though my fave version has a few more veggies and, because, why not? Feta cheese.

Now this version is from a mix, because I saw it at the market and was intrigued…

and you know what?

It is not terrible!

Definitely better with the added veggies and cheese; and a good rest overnight in the fridge definitely improves the flavor.

•1 box Tabouli mix
•1-1/2 cup hot water
•1/3 cup olive oil
•1 can chick peas, drained and rinsed

•2 tbsp lemon juice
•1 cup sliced scallion
•1 cup chopped Persian cucumber
•Crumbled Feta (to taste)
•Chopped parsley (to taste)
•Grape tomatoes, halved

Add the hot water and olive oil to the tabouli mix (if you use a different brand, follow their instructions), then stir in the rinsed and drained chick peas, then cover and stash in the fridge for an hour – all that “extra” liquid will be soaked up by the bulgur and you will be ready to finish your salad.

Stir in the lemon juice, scallion, cucumber, Feta, and parsley until nicely mixed then, cover the tabouli and stash back in the fridge for at least another hour or – always more better – overnight.

Trust me, the tabouli is nice pretty much right away, but that overnight rest?

Pro move!

Just before serving, fluff the Tabouli up a bit with a fork and stir in the tomatoes.

Note: if you need to go Gluten-Free, I have seen quinoa and riced cauliflower recipes.

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