Aunt Buzz’s Grilled Cheese

My Aunt Buzz, as a rule, did not like for her food to be “gorped up.”

Chinese food? Chow mein, please, and absolutely no sharesies!

Corn on the cob? Picked from the field after you have set the water on to boil, then a bit of salt and butter. None of this elote stuff.

So, her take on grilled cheese is, at first glance, kinda gorped up, but totally delicious.

Mayonnaise, mustard and sweet relish?

Bring on teh gorping, because, YES!

•Sweet pickle relish
•Butter, softened

Note: Aunt Buzz did stick with plain white bread and American cheese; but I have branched out with my fave sourdough bread and Colby Jack cheese.

Arrange the bread slice(s) on a board and spread with mayonnaise, mustard, and sweet relish.

Top with slices of cheese, then another slice of bread.

Butter the top of the bread, then place, buttered side down, in a hot pan over medium heat.

Note: if you wanna gorp things up a bit more, try using mayonnaise on the top of the bread instead of butter.

Spread butter (or mayonnaise) on the top of the bread, then flip when the bottom is golden brown.

Continue to cook until the bottom is golden brown and the cheese melted.


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