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Savory Meatloaf

So, yeh, I have a kindofa love/hate relationship with meatloaf. I love me some meatloaf, but generally hate – well, am wicked disappointed – in the results when I make it. And then, there are the meatloaves that turn out … Continue reading

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Apple & Cranberry Crisp (No Flour!)

We were going to a gathering the day after Hallowe’en, and I’d promised to make dessert. Thing is, two of the ladies present were off of flour, so, no cake. I had some apples from a local family farm, and … Continue reading

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Caramelita Cake

It was time for our monthly gathering to drink wine and eat good food; also known as The Book Club. This month’s book “A Place at the Table” was my selection and, while I enjoyed it, I thought there could’ve … Continue reading

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Ultimate(?) Meatloaf

This is based on my version of Craig Claiborne’s Ultimate Burger – which really is one. Fine. Burger – so I asked myself how it’d be converted into a loaf of meat? Not too, too bad, and not too, too … Continue reading

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Granola Bars

We were visiting my sister for an extended weekend and, mindful of all of us trying to eat (at least a little bit) healthier, she forewent her traditional morning sideboard groaning with croissant, danish, and other pastry treats in favor … Continue reading

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