Parfait! Beer Marinade for ???

03cShortRibPlatebzLOI posted a couple weeks ago about this fine way the prep a flank steak and, really, I enjoyed the flavor so much, I decided to take the marinade out for another spin; this time with boneless beef short ribs.

Good choice!

I am not much of a beer drinker, but pop open a can and pour it over a hunk of meat, then stash it in the fridge for a couple of hours or (always more better – you know this) overnight? I’m your guy!

01aBeerbzLOBut first, a note about the beer.

As I noted above, I don’t really drink beer, but I am not gonna use one of my husband’s craft bottles for cooking, so I buy a six pack of average, nothing too fancy, beer. But… I avoid ‘light’ beers because, just as when one cooks with soda (like this cherry cola barbecue sauce) the recipes all advise to stay away from diet or ‘zero’ types because of all 02aShortRibsbzLOthe extra stuff in ’em. I have no idea if it’s the same with light beer, but I go for the regular, just in case.

•Meat (your choice)*
•2 tsp dried oregano
•2 tsp Back of the Yards Seasoning – or your favorite steak seasoning blend
•1 tsp coarse sea salt
•Black pepper
•1/4 cup peanut or veggie oil
02bMarinadedbzLO•12 oz can of beer
•1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
•2 tbsp low sodium tamari

*I’ve used this for flank steak, and this time, beef short ribs; but I would wager this would work nicely with pork or lamb chops, tenderloins, and mebbe even chicken. I do know that I plan on trying them all.

Note: adjust your quantities for more meat; this was enough marinade for a two pound flank steak and seven or so boneless beef short ribs.

03aGrillbzLOWhisk the marinade ingredients together and pour over your meat of choice in a gallon sized zipper bag.

Seal the bag, give it a couple of flips and squeezes to get the marinade around all the bits of meat, then stash it in the fridge on a rimmed plate, for to catch any possible drippage, for a couple of hours or… do I even need to say it at this point? Giving the bag a flip and a squeeze every now and then when you think to.

03bShortRibsbzLOWhen ready to cook, remove from and discard the marinade, bring the meat to room temperature, and grill to your liking.

I served these with a bit of medianoche mayonnaise on the side, and sliced the leftovers into small pieces, then marinated them as I would for Cuban Pork, and sautéed ’em with sliced onion for sammiches the next day.

Twice as nice.

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