Air Fried Scallops

So, yesterday, I adapted a food kit recipe for risotto by making it in the ‘wave.

Today, I’m gonna change up their pan-seared scallops by cooking ’em in the air fryer  – and adding a simple step that guarantees sweet, tender scallops.


No matter where I buy my scallops, or most any white fish, I always cover them in milk in a bowl and let ’em rest for an hour or so.

Seasoned Salt
•Black pepper
•Olive oil
•Fresh lemon slices

Transfer the scallops to a bowl and cover with milk.

Or, if your fish monger packed them in a tub, drain off and discard any of the liquid from the tub, then add milk to cover.

Either way, snap a lid on the container and stash in the fridge for an hour or two.

If your air fryer needs to pre-heat, go ahead and set it to 400º.

Remove the scallops from the milk (discard the milk) and blot dry.

Line the air fryer basket with parchment paper then arrange the scallops in a single layer and season lightly with Seasoned Salt and black pepper.

Lightly spritz the scallops with olive oil and pop into the air fryer for three minutes.

Turn the scallops over (or rotate the tray) and cook for another three minutes.

Serve with lemon.

Pretty darned tasty, and simple, too!

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