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Honey Curry Chicken

This is another recipe from my Aunt Buzz, whom, I have noted, hated to cook, but loved to entertain, so it is wicked simple to toss together and then stash in the oven while you have another martini or three. … Continue reading

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Blender Mousse

Back in the day, my mom would make pudding for dessert. From a mix, but not instant, and she would stand over a pot at the stove stirring for what seemed like forever while the pudding gently came together. My … Continue reading

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Sausage and Chile Pie

We had some good friends stopping by for a quick overnight visit before continuing their cross-country vacation. The thing was, we were starting our own vacation just after their visit, so I went in search of something suitably “good friends … Continue reading

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Air Fryer Scallops

I love scallops, so, when they go on sale, I always make it a point to pick up a pound or so, which is perfect for the two of us. Even on sale, though, they are not inexpensive, a touch … Continue reading

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Swordfish, Grilled With Honey Dijon Diana Sauce

One of our better markets had a decent sale on fresh swordfish steaks. Decent, but still kinda spendy, as a friend likes to say, and then, we hadn’t gotten to that market before the weekend and, yeh, NO. NO way … Continue reading

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Kickin’ It! Mashed Potatoes

It was time to make dinner from one of our semi-weekly food kits – they send you a box with all of the ingredients and a recipe card with prep information. As I have been doing for a while, I … Continue reading

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Air Fried Scallops

So, yesterday, I adapted a food kit recipe for risotto by making it in the ‘wave. Today, I’m gonna change up their pan-seared scallops by cooking ’em in the air fryer  – and adding a simple step that guarantees sweet, … Continue reading

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Aunt Buzz’s Vichyssoise

This is one of those classic (to me) summer recipes – enjoying a very cold bowl of potato soup in the dining room of Aunt Buzz’s bright yellow house; second down from the top of the mountain. Aunt Buzz loved … Continue reading

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Miso Ginger Cod with Birch Syrup

Wait. What? BIRCH syrup?!? Yep. Kinda hard to find (though you can order it on Amazon), and, as our friend Barbara would say, “kinda spendy,” but totally worth it – if for no other reason than using it as part … Continue reading

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Check Out This Cheeez Sauce!

So, YEH. Full disclosure: this cheese sauce is made with Velveeta. And I am not really even all that put out about it; because it tastes that good. Now… if you really cannot handle the thought of Velveeta Cheese Sauce, … Continue reading

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