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Air Fried Scallops

So, yesterday, I adapted a food kit recipe for risotto by making it in the ‘wave. Today, I’m gonna change up their pan-seared scallops by cooking ’em in the air fryer  – and adding a simple step that guarantees sweet, … Continue reading

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Avgolemono Soup

I was looking through new recipe emails when I came across one for Avgolemono – Greek lemon chicken soup – but this Avgolemono recipe had a pretty big shortcut. It started with a can of condensed chicken and rice soup. … Continue reading

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Julia Child’s Cranberry Relish, Again

Most every year since 1982 – so, going on four decades – I have made this cranberry relish to enjoy and share with friends for the holidaze season. And share is the correct term for the original recipe, which makes … Continue reading

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Air Fryer Swordfish With Lemon Sauce

This started out as a recipe from the barefoot contessa: Sicilian Grilled Swordfish; but, it was cold and dark, and there was no way my husband was gonna grill, so, air fryer it was. And, though I loved the look … Continue reading

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Let Us Sauce ALL the Cranberries!

Well… relish more like. Cranberry relish, that is. Julia Child’s cranberry relish, thank you very much. I have been making this for the holidaze for *mumble mumble* years, and it is truly one of my favorite parts of the feast. … Continue reading

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Gin and Tonic Pickles

!?! Yes. You read that headline correctly. Gin and Tonic. Pickles. The recipe, from the nice folk at delish.com, could not be simpler, or tastier, except… I was unaware that a lot of my friends are not fans of teh … Continue reading

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Lemon Ginger Cheesecake (Gluten-Free!)

It’s a cold, damp, gray Monday, so let’s bring a bit of sunshine to the table with this pretty spectacular lemon and ginger cheesecake. The original recipe, from my FAVORITE Mommy Blog and Recipe Hub: Wonkette.com, called for Lemon Oreos … Continue reading

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Peach Marmalade

A long time ago, I stopped by to visit a friend from school, and his mom was busy making this incredibly wonderful smelling mixture of peaches and citrus and – surprise! – maraschino cherries! Mrs. B called it marmalade, but … Continue reading

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Crusty Potatoes and Creamed Feta Cheese

We spent the week of Thanksgiving with my sister and her family, and one night for dinner, she had mentioned thinking of making a barefoot contessa recipe of potatoes coated with olive oil, then rolled in a salt and herb … Continue reading

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Try a Blintz for Brunch!

Traditionally, a blintz is kindofa cheese filled crêpe; but here, I’ve gotten rid of the flour in favor of an almond crust, and turned a Kraft Foods recipe into a tasty little gluten free treat for really any time of … Continue reading

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