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Cincinnati-Style Chili

There are probably as many different recipes for Cincinnati Chili as there are folx who make it, so I make no apologies for my take on this classic. I use a ‘meatloaf mix” of ground beef and pork (bonus if … Continue reading

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Portuguese Pineapple Chili

Wait. What? They grow pineapples in Portugal? I have absolutely no idea. But… I came across an interesting looking recipe for “Hawaiian Chili” in Parade magazine in the Sunday paper, and it looked interesting, if just a touch boring, with … Continue reading

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Black Bean BBQ Chili

Rich, flavorful, loaded with veggies and black beans, this chili would more than likely be very tasty without adding any meat, but then… imagine a kinda cunning (if I do say so myself), but wicked simple, blend of ground beef, … Continue reading

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Chicken Enchilada Chili

Monday, we made a very nice batch o’ black beans with no overnight soaking required. Tuesday, we pulled together a pretty quick, and also tasty enchilada sauce. Today, we’re gonna bring ’em both together to make a slow cooker chicken … Continue reading

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Black Bean Chili

Rich, full of flavor, vegetarian, and pretty darned simple to toss together, this chili is hard to beat. Based on a recipe from Rachael Ray, I adjusted the seasonings to my own taste and used home made corn stock in … Continue reading

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Cincinnati Style, Five Ways

1) Chili, of course. 2) Over spaghetti. 3) With black beans. 4) Chopped onion. 5) And shredded cheese on top. I changed a few things about one of Rich’s favorite fast-food treats, but it still tastes darned good, and, I … Continue reading

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White Chili

What better way to wrap up a week of Parfait!(ish) posts than with one that’s brand, spanking new? This recipe arrived in my email from the nice folk at General Electric, who called it ‘Easy White Chili’. I had planned … Continue reading

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3-Bean Chili

We were slouching about Northern Wisconsin with friends over the weekend and stopped at Culver’s for lunch. We’d had a big breakfast, and were anticipating a big dinner, so Rich and I were just looking for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ … Continue reading

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Chili from a box?

Yup. We try to limit the packaged food we eat, saving the ‘helper’ type stuff for a once in a while treat; but Rich came across this box o’ chili fixin’s on a recent stroll through Woodman’s and suddenly had … Continue reading

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Parfait! Black Bean Espresso Chili

When last I posted this recipe, I left it pretty much as is: SEVEN cans of black beans, 1/4 CUP of instant espresso powder, etc. That formula made a LOT o’ chili, in my not-so-humble opinion (tho’ the author(s) claimed … Continue reading

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