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Spanish Chicken

I came across the base of this recipe at bigoven.com and thought it looked like something we would like – with a few, small changes here and there. The original recipe was lacking in seasonings, to my mind; and I … Continue reading

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Parfait! French’s Taco Nachos

So… it’s Friday, and everybody wants to get started on their weekend, and I just had a very good telephonic customer service experience (thanks, Crystal!) after a kindofa crappy customer service experience via the interwebs, so I say let’s all … Continue reading

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Shrimp and Chorizo Quesadillas

So. We have our lime & chipotle guacamole, let’s continue on with this recipe from the nice folk at Rachael Ray. Both recipes really do go quite well together, but they are both so very good, I thought it only … Continue reading

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