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Irish Crème Cream Cheese Frosting

We were gathered together at Barb’s for an early mid-week lunch. The wine – ermmm Fruit Salad – was not flowing, because Mira needed to get to work that afternoon, but we had begun planning the menu for our next … Continue reading

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Parfait! Best! Carrot Cake

I’m not certain what the issue is. I’ve had the copy and images for this post ready for over a month, but every time a Friday has come around, I’ve avoided posting it. And, the thing is, I absolutely LOVE … Continue reading

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Champagne Cake

Folk who follow this here web thing-y will be aware that I have made a ton of “soda cakes” – cakes made with a cake mix and a can (12 ounces) of soda, and nothing else. I’ve made a Dr. … Continue reading

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Irish Cream Cake

We were having friends over for a seasonal dinner of Guinness braised corned beef, boxty, and garlic roasted cabbage steaks. Now, what to do for dessert? I’d been thinkin’ a Guinness cake would be the perfect ending for the meal, … Continue reading

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The (Great!) Canadian Spice Cake

Rich had a taste for some spice cake, and by happy coincidence, I had this recipe from our cousins North o’ the border. The thing that makes this cake Canadian is, I’m guessing, the use of ketchup – traditionally Heinz … Continue reading

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