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What could be better on a hot, steamy August day than a refreshingly cold bowl of veggies? By which I mean, of course, gazpacho! Cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, onion, sweet peppers, and basil; all tossed together and puréed just enough, then … Continue reading

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Pasta Sauce With Beer

I’ve posted my method of doctoring jarred pasta sauce, with additional herbs and seasonings and, well, stuff; to make it my own. Now, I’ve made a couple of simple adjustments and, in my not-so-humble opinion, the sauce is even better. … Continue reading

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Country Captain Chicken

So… I gave in. Long ago, I posted about Chicken in the Style of the Country Captain, a recipe I have been making since the 70’s. My version, from a newspaper food section, eschewed raisins and curry and almonds and … Continue reading

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Parfait! Boom Boom Sauce

Today’s post is probably the number one recipe on this here food blog: boom boom sauce; a combination of sweet and hot peppers, cheese (well, cheese “food” – unless you use this recipe), chicken stock, and a can of cream … Continue reading

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Best! Green Peppers Relish

I was loaded with green peppers. My local family farm had included a passel of peppers; bell, poblano, jalapeño, some I’m not certain of – but all green – in my weekly $10 Mystery Bag, and I had a problem… … Continue reading

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Beef Rib Hash With Roasted New Potatoes

How’s this for a tasty plate of leftovers? I’d made a rack of pepper jelly beef ribs and roasted new potatoes for dinner one night, but since it was just me (Rich was traveling on bidness), there were a fair … Continue reading

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Roman Chicken

We were planning a week away in a cabin in Door County, Wisconsin with Rich’s mom, and I was looking to have something simple to serve for dinner our first night there. Then, right in the middle of my planning … Continue reading

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My Favorite Ratatouille

I’ve always enjoyed ratatouille, and have several different versions (uses) posted right here, and here (pizza style), and here; but this one is by far my fave. I based this recipe on one that was adapted from a recipe on … Continue reading

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Breakfast (casserole) for Dinner

Consider this casserole. It has everything to make for a truly fine breakfast: eggs, cheese, a bit of cream, cooked sausage with onion and peppers. Of course, all that egg and sausage and cheese and (bit of) cream and onion … Continue reading

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Swordfish Scarpariello

I hadn’t made chicken scarpariello – literally shoemaker’s chicken – and had a taste for it. I also happened to have a packet of swordfish steaks in the freezer, and got to thinking that the combination of white wine, fresh … Continue reading

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