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Honey Mustard Dressing and a Nice Spinach Salad

My mom-in-law’s winter visit has gone pretty well. I have learned her distaste for bread crusts on sammiches, and preference for eating most meals with a soup spoon. Some dinners, she has flat out not cared for, but this one, … Continue reading

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My Very Favorite Guacamole

We had the original version of this at a restaurant in Scottsdale four or five years ago, and I have been tinkering with it ever since then. This time, none of my local markets seemed to have pomegranate seeds but, … Continue reading

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Swedish Baked Beans

OK, first things first, provenance… Of course this is an authentic recipe! I found it on the interwebs from a restaurant in Kansas that was in bidness from aound 1955 to 1960. How much more authentic do you actually need? … Continue reading

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Blue Cheese Spinach Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing

Back in the day, spinach salad was served with a warm bacon dressing, but we don’t need to hold to old habits; especially when this spinach salad is so very good! Crumbled Maytag blue cheese, dried cherries, thinly sliced red … Continue reading

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Aunt Beezy Strikes Again!

Tis the season, after all. Not to be confused with my Aunt Buzz’s Banana Bread, our friend Barb’s Aunt Beezy’s Soda Bread is simply the best of the soda bread genre, and, if you aren’t going Aunt Beezy, you may … Continue reading

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Radio Pudding

I belong to a “quarantine food group” on facebook where members share images of their latest cooking projects. It has been really great to see folk from all over share some pretty incredible stuff – all made while we have … Continue reading

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Crispy Brussels Sprouts Salad

I recently got two new cookbooks from Alex Guarnaschelli, and my husband came across a crispy sliced Brussels sprouts salad that he really liked the look of. Thing was, the sprouts were fried, and in, like, 3 cups of canola … Continue reading

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Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

I decided to shake up our Brussels sprouts salad game. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we love a Browned Brussels Sprouts Salad with Blue Cheese and Prosciutto, but Taste of Home had provided me a decidedly healthier option – … Continue reading

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Banana & Mango Chutney

The 1960’s Lobster Curry recipe that turned me on to Garlic Butter Peanuts, also called for serving the curry with a banana chutney. Hmmm. This, I had to try; with, of course, a few adjustments and tweaks here and there. … Continue reading

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Sage & Sausage Stuffing With Dried Cherries

“Wait! What?” “It is late January and you are publishing a stuffing recipe?” Why yes, yes I am. Number one; because I made it for Thanksgiving and it was a hoooge hit, and, number two, because I promised to publish … Continue reading

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