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Back in the day, there was a popular spaghetti based cassserole – Johnny Mazetti Spaghetti – that was supposedly popular in the American community in Panama as well as throughout the Midwest. It is quite good, actually, and I have … Continue reading

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Jardinière Salad

Let us talk salad. Pasta salad. Macaroni and cheese pasta salad. Yeppers; a humble blue box of Kraft Dinner, a dab o’ mayonnaise, a bit of Catalina salad dressing, and some freshly chopped veggies all come together unexpectedly well in … Continue reading

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Queso Mac and Cheese

My husband came across an ad for Frank’s Red Hot® Queso Dip Seasoning, and he was wicked interested, so… we checked out our main market and… nothing. Then we checked out our also kinda main, but back-up market and, again… … Continue reading

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Baked Mac and Cheese With Tomatoes and Basil

True confession: growing up, mac and cheese in our house was Kraft Dinner, y’know, in the blue box. Nothing against my mom, who was a pretty awesome cook, but, well, it was Kraft Dinner, it was cheap, easy, and it … Continue reading

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Parfait! Zippy Zanzetti

Kindofa down and dirty Johnny Mazetti Spaghetti, Zanzetti was one of my Aunt Buzz’s default dishes for a busy day. Simple to make and pretty basic – well, Buzz’s was – I tend to, as she put it “gorp things … Continue reading

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Parfait! Sriracha Zanzetti

We were visiting my sister and, around the dining room table (and over a bottle of wine or four) Kraft Dinner came up. “Yechhh!” my sister and her best bud since high school both said, followed by “you EAT that … Continue reading

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Sriracha Mac and Cheese Cups

My friend Barb (of Barb and Justin, not Barb and Bob, or even Bob and Don) came across a thing that was, apparently, macaroni and cheese baked into a muffin cup with Sriracha. We were all intrigued, and she supposed … Continue reading

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