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Liquid sustenance, be it a soup, a stew, a nice curry, or a chili

Pressure Cooker Pork Stock

Yesterday, I posted about these tasty beer and milk marinated bone-in pork chops grilled and topped with artichoke and cherry pepper slices. Today, I’m taking the pork bones and leftover chops and turning them into about two quarts of very … Continue reading

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Black Bean BBQ Chili

Rich, flavorful, loaded with veggies and black beans, this chili would more than likely be very tasty without adding any meat, but then… imagine a kinda cunning (if I do say so myself), but wicked simple, blend of ground beef, … Continue reading

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Parfait! Vichyssoise

Yep. I am going there. It is hot. It is sticky. My solution? Cold. Potato. Soup. Loaded with sour cream and heavy cream, but still, a touch lighter than my earlier versions – mebbe it’s the chicken stock. Still also … Continue reading

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Tomato Soup With Tortellini

Yeh. I know. It is, like, a zillion degrees out, and muggy (at least around about these parts) and, here I am talkin’ about soup! The thing is… this home made, and very good, soup comes together in next to … Continue reading

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We spent a week in Santa Barbara, California recently, visiting wineries, dining out, and generally enjoying the heck out of ourselves. Back at home, I was looking through the freezer and noticed a bag of mixed seafood; scallops, shrimp, and … Continue reading

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Nice Chicken Stock in the Pressure Cooker

For my birthday last year, I got this electric combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice, and yogurt maker. Mostly, I think, because my husband loves risotto, and it is wicked easy to make in this pot. We can’t, really (well, … Continue reading

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Cajun Red Bean Soup

Slightly spiced red bean soup with kielbasa and ground pork is pretty spiffy served over rice with garlic bread on the side. I cheated and used canned red beans, well rinsed and drained, so this soup came together a bit … Continue reading

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Cabbage Roll Soup

I love me a good stuffed cabbage roll. My husband? Not so much; so, when I came across a recipe for cabbage roll soup, I thought I would make it instead for our irregular Tuesday late morning early afternoon gathering … Continue reading

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Watermelon and Feta Gazpacho

I was still working my way through my $10 Mystery Bag of fresh veggies from a local farm when my email pinged with a recipe for gazpacho from Tyler Florence at the Food Network. Since I was currently in possession … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Cauliflower, Cheese, and Garlic Bread Soup

Yeh, I know what you’re thinking: “SOUP!?! In JULY?!?” Let me just say this about that: 1: it’s been a cool early summer up here on the edge o’ the lake and prairie, and… 2: this is a slow cooker … Continue reading

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