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Carne Asada Zanzetti

Back in the day, my Aunt Buzz would fry up some ground beef, cook a package of Kraft Mac and Cheese, add a can of Campbell’s tomato soup, heat through, and call it… Zanzetti. And it was very good. Over … Continue reading

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Aunt Buzz’s Banana Bread

Both of our favorite “quick” bread recipes come from beloved aunts; our friend Barb’s Aunt Beezy; justly famous for her Soda Bread, and my own Aunt Buzz’s also pretty darned terrific banana bread. What makes this bread special? I am … Continue reading

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Lime, Horseradish, and Pineapple Salad

Let’s make a Jello salad! Wait… Where’d everybody go? I know. I know. Jello salads have a bad reputation – and deservedly so, in many cases – but this! This is (and deserves to be) an exception! Yes, the flavors … Continue reading

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Better Banana Bread With Hot Honey Butter

One day late for what would have been my Aunt Buzz’s birthday; I am giving her yet another chance to haunt me by ‘gorping up’ – her term – one of her all-time classic recipes: Banana Bread. Buzz’s bread on … Continue reading

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Fractured Tacos

WAY back in March, I wrote about a conversation Rich and I were having that, for some reason, became involved with jello molds in general, then moved on to Horseradish and Lime Jello Salad Mold in particular, and then quickly … Continue reading

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Whiskey Dogs

Hot dogs, ketchup, brown sugar, and bourbon – what more do you need? Well, for me, you need an electric frying pan to properly make these. I’ve tried tossing everything into the crock pot and it is OK – but … Continue reading

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