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Zippy Apple Kielbasa Bites

I follow a nifty facebook page called “Welcome to My Kitchen,” which shares all sorts of interesting recipes, such as this one. Kinda surprisingly, I did not change the recipe too, too much, aside from adding my standard Sherry Peppers … Continue reading

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Cajun Red Bean Soup

Slightly spiced red bean soup with kielbasa and ground pork is pretty spiffy served over rice with garlic bread on the side. I cheated and used canned red beans, well rinsed and drained, so this soup came together a bit … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour Kielbasa

I am loving this new (to me, anyway) kielbasa I came across at Jewel when I had a taste for Kielbasa Vinaigrette a few weeks back. Labelled Amish… something (Hills?, Farms?, Riverbend Estates?, Centre?); I have no doubt it comes … Continue reading

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Kielbasa Vinaigrette

OK. This is a tricky one… Not because it’s hard to make, or perhaps offers a challenging taste – it is wicked simple to put together and tastes great! No, the tricky part is that you can offer this up … Continue reading

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