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Best! Roasted Potatoes

This recipe started out as “Portuguese Sweet Potatoes” from portuguesediner.com, but I’ve changed it around just a wee, tiny bit, and really do believe these potatoes (I used sweet potatoes, but really, this will work with just about any variety) … Continue reading

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Ranch Smashed Potatoes

A basic recipe: smashed potatoes flavored with Ranch Dressing. I had five or six small-ish Russet potatoes left over from a five pound bag, and decided to get rid of them all at once by making some smashed potatoes to … Continue reading

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Parfait! Korean Potato Salad

“Wait! What? Didn’t you just post about this (very delicious) potato salad last week?” Yes. Yes, I did, but I’ve thought about it, and made some adjustments that make it even better! And, it’s not just me; I made a … Continue reading

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Korean Potato Salad

We were meeting friends at a Korean restaurant in Milwaukee, and the start of the evening was not going well… Despite having been to this restaurant and neighborhood, a lot, we got turned around looking for parking, and then our … Continue reading

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Tot Waffles: A Tragedy in 3 (or more) Acts

*SIGH* I came across this video on the interwebs, wherein tater tots were turned into crispity delicious waffles filled with cheese, bacon, and jalapeños fried in bacon fat (!). What’s not to love? So, quicklikeabunny, I got onto another part … Continue reading

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Spanish Chicken

I came across the base of this recipe at bigoven.com and thought it looked like something we would like – with a few, small changes here and there. The original recipe was lacking in seasonings, to my mind; and I … Continue reading

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Monday Pie

So, you’ll recall from Friday’s Parfait! post that we’d had a pretty nice pot roast; now, what to do with the leftovers? Well, a quick search of da Google came up with an interesting solution called Monday Pie – wherein … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 33: Scalloped Potatoes

I looked at this recipe, on a xeroxed card from I-don’t-know-where, in the Doris Project Bag (now box, really) and thought to myself; “this isn’t gonna work.” Sliced raw potato, diced raw onion, canned cheese soup, and a sprinkling of … Continue reading

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Loaded Potato Casserole

So, no, this is not one of your ‘lite’ recipes. I mean, you could use ‘lite’ cheese and turkey bacon and 2% evaporated milk… but why? This is, obviously, a feast day dish, and as such, it should be enjoyed … Continue reading

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Ham and Potato Soup

It’s a fine time to make a big, hot, steaming pot of soup, and you probably have the main ingredients stashed in your freezer from the last big feast! This soup started with a good bit of leftover baked ham … Continue reading

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