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Firecracker Sauce

Never let it be said that I turned my nose up at an interesting condiment. And this is most certainly that! Wicked tasty, too! The original recipe called for using this sauce on shrimp tacos, and I am pretty certain … Continue reading

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Best! My New Fave Cocktail Sauce

Just in time for the holidaze! I got a new cookbook by the barefoot contessa for my birthday, and she included a recipe for roasted shrimp and cocktail sauce. I was intrigued. Then, I looked at her cocktail sauce recipe, … Continue reading

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Mrs B’s Cocktail Sauce

‘Tis the season! For planning for those food-laden holidays, or mebbe just tailgaiting or gathering for movies and munchies. ‘Tis also the season for beginning to get a bit overwhelmed by thoughts of hosting folk and mebbe stressing a bit … Continue reading

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Parfait! A New (and Mebbe Better!) Cocktail Sauce

Rich was scheduled to travel for bidness, so we spent a major holiday quietly at home. We chose to have grilled Margherita ‘Zas! and shrimp cocktail for our dinner, which made me go back and take a look at our … Continue reading

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Honey (yes-I-know-ANOTHER) French Dressing

I do not know why I keep looking. I am most well pleased with my take on Catalina French Dressing, and both Rich and I are really favoring Brown Derby French Dressing of late; but the original version of this … Continue reading

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The BEST! (REALLY!) Cocktail Sauce

Oh, my! I have long been a fan of the barefoot contessa’s cocktail sauce, and have featured it here, but this time, I’ve taken the extra step of using my own, slightly spicy, ketchup, and 3 vinegar chili sauce to … Continue reading

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Wicked Good Cocktail Sauce

Who knew? I could’ve sworn I’d done a post on cocktail sauce, but no. Oh well, now’s as good a time as any! An old friend’s mom used to make da bomb of a cocktail sauce that was loaded with … Continue reading

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