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These ‘shrooms sautéed in butter get a fancy French name because of the way they are sautéed in butter. Shown here, spread out on puff pastry, then topped with Bacon Jam, you can see that they are very finely chopped, … Continue reading

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Baked Bean Soup – Now With Beef!

When I first came across this recipe a couple of years ago, it called for using ham, and that is what I used. This time, though, I came across some sirloin steak tips at Trader Joe’s and thought, “Why not?” … Continue reading

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Barbecue Sauce, Always

I posted a down-sized version of Julia Child’s Cranberry Relish, which I have been making since the mid-80’s, on Monday. I have been making a version of this recipe since I was in college in the 1970’s, and giving it … Continue reading

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Marinated Bean Salad

The Washington Post called this “Marinated Pizza Bean Salad” when they published the recipe a few weeks ago and, this does have the bones of a good pizza – the oil, the basil, the garlic, the Mozz, etc.; I didn’t … Continue reading

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Shrimp in Garlic Clam Sauce

So… wow… This recipe took several major twists and turns, but everything ended up delicious, so, no harm, no foul, and pass the rolls. First, it was supposed to be Langostinos; but I had Argentinian pink shrimp. Then, there was … Continue reading

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Chicken Thighs With Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

When my husband found this recipe from the nice folk at EatingWell Magazine and asked me to make it; I had a bit of an ingredient shopping breakdown while at the market. Slivered sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil? Check. Heavy … Continue reading

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Pâté for the New Year!

Some folk maintain that it is good luck to eat beans at the new year. Not me. I believe that any year that ends with, and then the next year begins with peppery, smooth as silk chicken pâté has got … Continue reading

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Herbed Chicken

My husband actually forwarded the basis for this recipe to me from 12tomatoes.com and asked if we could try it. I took a look a look, made a few adjustments – the original called for boneless, skinless chicken breasts and … Continue reading

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Green Beans With Pancetta

When I was in college and visiting my grandmother on her farm in Virginia, one of our favorite meals (well, aside from when Rachel would bring out that huge block o’ chocolate and a knife so we could share it … Continue reading

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Maple & Dijon Marinated Pork Belly

I know, I’ve been doing a lot of pork belly ever since I discovered that Trader Joe’s carries it in easy to handle 12 ounce pre-cooked packages – which saves hours of tedious simmering/braising/what have you before you can get … Continue reading

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