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“Pecan Pie” Teacakes

I was wrangling a two pound bag of confectioners’ sugar around the kitchen when, I happened to notice a recipe for “chocolate chip teacakes” on the back of the bag. Hmmm. The recipe looked a lot like one my mom … Continue reading

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Date and Raisin Slices

Don’t dismiss some of those older recipes out of hand as being hopelessly out of touch with today’s tastes. Some of them are amazingly on point. Such as this recipe. I belong to a Facebook group called “Recipe Clippings,” that, … Continue reading

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Parfait! Orange Cream Cake

So, yeh, it’s the new year. That doesn’t mean we can’t still have cake, though; and this cake (or the many other versions like it) is so darned simple to toss together that it has become my go-to cake of … Continue reading

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Cream Cheese Glaze for Waffles and… Doughnuts!

Yes, I realize I posted this recipe yesterday along with that for those totally delicious Red Velvet Waffles, but it makes for rather a lot of cream cheese glaze. A very fine cream cheese glaze. One that it would be … Continue reading

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Butter Pecan Cream Cake

Rich was in D.C. on bidness, and a HOOOGE honkin’ storm was on the way, so, he was trying to get back home before it hit. At first, it looked like he would have to tough it out there – … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cream Cake

This recipe is a continuation of my playing around with the whole ‘cake mix and a can of soda’ thing that I began with this cake, continued with this version (root beer and spice cake, yum), and then tried this … Continue reading

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