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Bloody Mary Burgers

Around about these parts, folk take their Bloody Mary’s very seriously; order one and each bar will serve it with their own special twist, like sliders on sticks, sausage, shrimp, celery, and da google only knows what else sticking out … Continue reading

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Ginger Cream (a sauce for beef)

I was surfing through some web sites devoted to mid-century advertising, and came across this recipe for a sauce to serve on burgers. With ginger in it. Interesting! Let’s face it, there was some weird stuff, foodwise, comin’ out of … Continue reading

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Brown Derby French Dressing

OK, you got me. This is not, in fact, an image of French dressing made in the way of the famed Brown Derby restaurant, or even of one of the restaurant’s most popular creations – though I can point you … Continue reading

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