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Marinated Chuck Steak

I was poking around the meat case at my grocer – as one does – and came across a special on boneless chuck steak. Hmmm. Two pounds of boneless – sure, kinda fatty (but still tasty – if done right) … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Marinade!

I picked up a couple of really nice looking steaks at the butcher, then considered what, exactly to do with them. Grilling was a no brainer; the weather was perfect and Rich had spent the day chilling, so, no issues … Continue reading

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Jeanette’s Salad Dressing

Who is/was Jeanette? I have no idea, and, sadly, I neglected to note where I came across this interesting take on the classic French dressing, so… Thanks, Jeanette, whomever and wherever you may be, you make a fine salad dressing. … Continue reading

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Parfait! Puerto Rican Pork Roast

No. I do not know if this is authentically Puerto Rican, or if Don Struble, the no doubt very nice person who shared the recipe I originally found on Allrecipes.com back in 2009, is actually Puerto Rican; but I do … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary Steak Marinade and Glaze

Stop! Before you go and get all excited; sad to say, there is absolutely no vodka called for in this recipe. But, that’s ok, that just means there’s more for you to enjoy while you’re putting this vodka free, but … Continue reading

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Veal Chops and a Nifty New Marinade

We’d come across a package of veal chops on a trip to Costco and thought “why not?” – so I went in search of recipe ideas and came up with a compound butter and cooking method that was, well, for … Continue reading

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Parfait! A New (and Mebbe Better!) Cocktail Sauce

Rich was scheduled to travel for bidness, so we spent a major holiday quietly at home. We chose to have grilled Margherita ‘Zas! and shrimp cocktail for our dinner, which made me go back and take a look at our … Continue reading

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Creamy Tomato Soup

Wouldn’t today be perfect for a nice, hot bowl of tomato soup? Home made tomato soup; ready in about the time it’ll take to open a red and white can and stir in the milk. As a matter of fact, … Continue reading

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Deviled Bacon

This recipe was in our paper the week before Father’s Day as part of an article featuring bourbon-based treats for dad, tho’, strangely enough, this particular recipe contained no bourbon. Well, a simple misreading of the instructions, which led me … Continue reading

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